Most commercial properties within the UK have some form of air conditioning system or air movement duct-work installed.  Whether this be a large air handling system serving fresh air throughout a complex network of ducts or a simple split unit serving one small room, they all have one thing in common; to provide the building users with clean, fresh air.  However, over time these systems can become contaminated and begin polluting the very areas they are supposed to be serving. Whether it be a hospital theater room or a small restaurant we can tailor a unique cleaning service to suit any clients needs.

The cause of the internal contamination can be any number of individual factors; poor filtration, age of installation, geographical location of the building or design of the system.  Left unchecked, these deposits can begin to appear as dust on grilles, damaging decor and building appearance.

Large deposits can begin to clog motors or coils and thus greatly reduce a system’s operating efficiency.  Perhaps most importantly, microbiological and duct contamination can proliferate presenting a real hazard to the building users.  Poorly maintained air handling units can also provide a potential breeding ground for the deadly Legionella pneumophila bacteria.

System Inspection and Risk Assessment
The first stage in any duct-work cleaning project is to establish the levels of contamination by site survey.

This will involve visual inspection of the duct-work internals using, deposit thickness testing. All inspection works are undertaken following the guidance of B&ES ‘

Based upon the results of these investigations, proposals for any necessary remedial works can then be submitted, which will often include undertaking works outside of normal working hours in order to minimize disruption to building users.

EI Hygiene Solutions Ltd air hygiene management team not only ensure regulatory compliance of buildings, but also prove to be an investment into the well being of all building occupants.

Access Doors
Before works can be undertaken for the first time, it may be necessary to install additional access doors into the system to enable every internal component to be properly cleaned.

EI Hygiene Solutions can supply and install these doors as part of our inclusive package in providing complete air hygiene solutions.

Deep Cleaning
Using specially developed rotary brushing, sectional extraction and compressed air removal equipment, the duct-work is then physically cleaned.

Our technicians are trained and industry certified to use a combination of techniques to achieve maximum cleaning results, whatever the duct-work configuration.  These techniques are incredibly efficient and ensure compliance with B&ES TR/19 Second Edition guidelines.

Certification and Completion Reports
An essential part of any compliance programme is ensuring the effectiveness of the cleaning is properly recorded and documented.  Upon completion of all works a detailed post works survey report is issued to the client containing the results of the pre and post clean testing along with photographic evidence of the duct-work cleaned.  This report is backed up by the hygiene certificate issued in confirmation of the works undertaken.






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